general idea / legend

The work “posts” will be loosely presented, and will be categorized by series. For my sanity, I am categorizing these as follows:

  • k-series ~ kaleidoscopic work
  • s-series ~ symmetry work
  • m-series ~ images of various/sundry animals, insects, etc.
  • o-series ~ images generated by chaos mechanisms, voronoi patterns, perlin noise, etc.

All images have been heavily modified, some to the point of illegibility (which become my favorites). There is some form of clarity as a result of pushing and prodding. The last step is knowing when to walk away, when an image has gone as far as it needs to. The revelation comes when the image becomes part of the glass, a place you can’t think your way to.

If an image is available for sale in my shop on etsy, I will include a link. If you have any custom requests, you can reach me through that shop or here